Casino d’Italy Online Security

Casino d’Italy has spent countless development time on Security and protecting our player’s privacy. And ‘Our priority is to provide a complete and safe gaming experience.

It ‘absolutely safe to deposit money into your casino account’ using a credit card or any other payment method. Here’s why ‘….

We have a multi-faceted approach to security that goes’ far beyond simply protecting credit card numbers. Our Security System guarantees:

Transmission Security: protection of all information that is transmitted between the Casino ‘and players with encrypted transmission with 128-Bit SSL.

Financial Security: protection of financial transactions and deposits – all the way to the bank.

Information Security: protection of information, including personal information, financial records and gaming history.

Staff Security: controlling who among the Casino staff ‘, has access to information and check the access and use of the entire database. Casino d’Italy is committed in an attempt to prevent and reduce fraud. His goal is to ensure the integrity of the accounts of all customers and at the same time securing all transactions and payments made.

Casino of Italy has adopted strict measures of security and fraud prevention measures for every transaction. As a player of the Casino you may be required to provide the following information:

– A copy of identity card
– a copy of each credit card (front / back) in the Casino
– a copy of statement of your credit card statement (showing name, address and credit card number)
– a signed authorization transactions in the Casino

Complete Audit
Per your protection, we keep every transaction that you make at our casino on record. You can request at any time a complete statement of your transactions. Also all information regarding your credit card information is completely safe as our e-cash system uses the latest encryption technologies available, which gives you absolutely confident in all your dealings with the casino.